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About Us

Just Shoes started from a small store in the central market of Heraklion, Crete under the name Shooz. Later, with the main support, the trust and the positive response of its customers, it was transferred to a larger store. A store that for six years now gives you access to a wider range of models that caters to all tastes, always following the new fashion trends.

Its products are addressed to most ages depending on the preferences and needs of each customer. Its goal is, in combination with the right service, to offer unique shoe designs to women and men with affordable prices.

In its attemt to adapt to the data of the modern way of life and after you requested it, Shooz coninues to evolve by creating an e-shop. Now "Shooz" is introduced as "Just Shoes" in effort to expand the target audience and make its products accessible to even more people.