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Payment methods

There are four payment methods available.

Your products are sent via courier company and the following charges apply for payment costs per category:


Cash on delivery - 3.00 €

Payment is made strictly in cash to the Courier upon delivery of your order. If the method of payment you choose is cash on delivery, the final cost of your order will be charged with an additional 3 €, regardless of the amount of products you selected and shipping costs (if any).

PayPal - 0.00 €

You can pay for your order through the secure PayPal platform. In the PayPal environment, you shuffle upon completion of the order.

Deposit in a bank account - 0.00 €

You can either by bank deposit or via e-banking to deposit / transfer the final cost of your order (+ shipping, if any), without any additional charge. The invoice will be sent to you by email after the completion of your order. As an excuse, fill in your order number that will be given to you upon completion.

 Credit Card - € 0.00

You can pay for your order with your credit, debit or prepaid card.