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Backpack that closes with a zipper and secures with a clasp on top.Adjustable straps at the back.Internally it has a zippered case and two storage pockets.Dimensions: H31mm x L29mm x W12mmMaterial: synthetic leatherInterior lining: fabric..
20.00€ 27.00€
Backpack with seams in corners and snake details.Interior lining: FabricInterior: zippered case and storage pocket.Dimensions: H 30mm x L 25mm x W11mmMaterial: synthetic leather..
Backpack with three compartments-cases. Pattern with seams.The middle case closes with a zipper and the other two close with a magnet on the outside.It has adjustable straps on the back as well as a handle.Material: synthetic leatherInterior lining: fabricDimensions: H30mm x L21mm x W14mm..
12.00€ 29.00€
Backpack with two storage spaces.Large case: black zipper outside & pocket and zippered case inside.Small case: silver zipperInterior lining: FabricAdjustable straps on the back and zippered case.Dimensions: H 30mm x L 25mm x W 12mm..
Large backpack with two storage spaces.Adjustable straps at the back and case with zipper.Four storage pockets inside.Dimensions: H37mm x L27mm x W12mmMaterial: Synthetic leatherInterior lining: Fabric..
Leather like small backpack.Zipper in silver shade.Case with zipper at the back and adjustable straps.Interior lining: FabricMaterial: Synthetic leatherInside it has a zippered case and three storage pockets.Dimensions: H 28mm x L 27mm..
Small backpack with two storage spacesAdjustable straps on the back and zippered case.Material: synthetic leatherInterior lining: FabricInside: Rear case: small zippered case             Front case: storage pocketDimensions: H 28mm x L24.5mm x W 12mm..
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