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Backpack that closes with a zipper and secures with a clasp on top.Adjustable straps at the back.Internally it has a zippered case and two storage pockets.Dimensions: H31mm x L29mm x W12mmMaterial: synthetic leatherInterior lining: fabric..
20.00€ 27.00€
Backpack with seams in corners and snake details.Interior lining: FabricInterior: zippered case and storage pocket.Dimensions: H 30mm x L 25mm x W11mmMaterial: synthetic leather..
Backpack with diamond-shaped seams.Smaller case at the front with buckle and zipper in silver color.Leather strap passed through the end of the zipper in the shape of a ring.Case with zipper at the back and adjustable straps.Storage pockets on the sides.Material: synthetic leatherInterior lining: fa..
Backpack with three compartments-cases. Pattern with seams.The middle case closes with a zipper and the other two close with a magnet on the outside.It has adjustable straps on the back as well as a handle.Material: synthetic leatherInterior lining: fabricDimensions: H30mm x L21mm x W14mm..
12.00€ 29.00€
Backpack with two storage spaces.Large case: black zipper outside & pocket and zippered case inside.Small case: silver zipperInterior lining: FabricAdjustable straps on the back and zippered case.Dimensions: H 30mm x L 25mm x W 12mm..
Large backpack with two storage spaces.Adjustable straps at the back and case with zipper.Four storage pockets inside.Dimensions: H37mm x L27mm x W12mmMaterial: Synthetic leatherInterior lining: Fabric..
Leather like small backpack.Zipper in silver shade.Case with zipper at the back and adjustable straps.Interior lining: FabricMaterial: Synthetic leatherInside it has a zippered case and three storage pockets.Dimensions: H 28mm x L 27mm..
Leather like small backpack .Adjustable straps at the back. The bag is worn either at the back or crosswise by pulling the two straps upwards.Knitting detail in front.The bag closes with a magnet on the outside and for more security it has a zipper.Inside it has a zippered case and two storage pocke..
15.00€ 23.00€
Small backpack with two storage spacesAdjustable straps on the back and zippered case.Material: synthetic leatherInterior lining: FabricInside: Rear case: small zippered case             Front case: storage pocketDimensions: H 28mm x L24.5mm x W 12mm..
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